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Re: Goldberg opinion

> Arin Murphy wrote:
> >I'm interested in knowing: how many of you are piano players? How many 
> >of you are musicians, but on another instrument, like me?

Hi, my name is Antonio  and I live since one year in Trento (Italy), 
although I've been living for my first 23 years in Rome. The first time 
I listen GG was in 1990 when I watched in TV on the italian channel RAI TRE 
the Bruno Monsaingean's TV serie  on GG. I remember he really impressed 
me. In addition, the serie was presented in studio by Piero Rattalino.  

I play piano since I was 9 but not in a professional 
I wish to know: how many italians are there in f minor list?   

Best regards,
Antonio Sidoti.