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Re: Goldberg opinion

Dear Gouldians,

	I am addicted to both of Gould's Goldbergs, but I must admit to a
purely emotional preference for the '81 version.  As a non-musician, my
listening preferences tend to be guided by my emotional response, and I
first heard the '81 Goldberg after Gould's death.  As you might imagine,
it was intensely poignant to hear him humming ecstatically in the
background, and those extra-musical associations have not lost their
power.  Maybe part of it is that I am usually listening late at night,
when the more introspective qualities of the '81 version seem more
appropriate than the boundless energy of the '55 version.

	I do have a question, though.  My understanding is that the '81
Goldbergs were not only recorded, but also *filmed* (this was one of Bruno
Monsaigneon's projects).  I assume the performance is commercially
available on video, but I've never seen it advertised.  Can anyone give
me some tips on how I might track it down?


	Robert Kunath