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Re: Q about 32 Short Films

Yes.  It was from the well-tempered clavier, book I.  It is the prelude from the
prelude & fugue in c minor.  I guess that's the second prelude and fugue, since 
they go C major, c minor, etc., etc. etc.

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Subject: Q about 32 Short Films
Author:  Katherine Lee <klee@dna.bc.ca> at internet
Date:    1/30/97 2:24 PM

>Actually, I had another question.  In 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould, 
>does anyone remember the piece that was being played during that segment 
>where all you see is the inside of his piano and the keys hammering onto 
>the strings?  That was my favorite part in the whole film... Thanks
=46rom the screenplay of _Thirty-two Short Films About Glenn Gould_ (by 
=46ran=E7ois Girard & Don McKellar), which I loved reading as much as I love= 
seeing the film:
CD 318
The roar of a crowd, carried over from the previous scene, slowly fades away= 
As the first note of Bach's Prelude #2 from _The Well Tempered Clavier_ is 
heard, we find ourselves within the piano itself.  The camera studies the 
minute workings of the piano's interior; the flying hammers, the dampers 
rising and falling, the strings vibrating when struck.
Gradually we move out of the piano and study its exterior --- the gleam of 
varnished wood, the gold Steinway plate and the serial number, CD 318, that 
identifies the Steinway that Gould preferred over all others.  The music 
Beginning from a close-up of the piano's exterior --- the entire frame 
filled with the wood of the piano's side --- we begin a slow dolly away 
from the piano, moving towards the back of the stage.  Gradually it is 
revealed that the immense auditorium is completely empty.  The camera 
reaches the back of the stage as two workmen in coveralls move into frame 
and begin to gently cover the piano and move it offstage.
The lights in the auditorium shut off, one by one.