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Re: Q about 32 Short Films

>    While we're on the subject of 32SF@GG, I would was reading over the
> critique of the film written by Kevin Bazzana in GlenGould v2,#1, and I was
> wondering: As Gould fans, do you think 32SF sold Glenn short?

This is a great question.  I have to admit that November 1995, when we 
knew the video was being released, it became an obsession to obtain 
the video.  

My mother and I were exstatic when the video finally arrived, and 
watched it several times afterward. 

The obsession grew more intense.  In December that year when PBS 
showed the film with the extra 20 minute excerpt (the CBC 1970 
recording of the first movement of the "Emperor."  We became 
hysterical searching for any and all video tapes.  

Over a year later, we now own all of the video collection including 
"Portrait" and the "On and Off the record" series.  And we have 
purchased nearly all of the CDs (we are still avoiding Schoenberg.)  
We have given away the copies of the Emperor snatched from PBS since 
we have the entire concerto now from the collection.

We pulled out 32films last month, kind of an anniversary treat.  The 
glitches are annoying, and my mother and I argue over whether Froeme 
really captures the essence of Gould.  We wished some things were 
different (like emphasizing GGs erratic driving as he pulls into the 
truck stop) and others omitted (I always ff Yehudi's interview; he's 
so pompous and mean-spirited about Gould, in a nice way of course.)

Over all the film did for us as Bazzana said it does.  Still it is 
another unique glimpse, and the quality of the film and the technique 
is superior.  But when we want to show our friends who is Glenn Gould, 
we show them "A Portrait" first and then supplement it with 32films.

Lori Lalonde