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[Fwd: Re: Glenn and Morton?]

GG listers!  I notified the Classical Insites of that Glenn/Morton 
confusion on their Database.  

They sent this in reply.  Thought you all would like to know.

This site is at 

Lori Lalonde
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Thanks for the info.  We will definitely fix this error.

The Classical database which drives the CD catalog is constantly being
improved.  Plus, being that Glenn Gould is one of our favorite artists
(and will likely be our Hall of Fame artist in April), we will make
this fix top priority!



/Jonas Gray


llalonde@lightspeed.net,Internet writes:
>I just thought you would be interested to know that ClassicalInsites 
>is eliciting quite a discussion on the Glenn Gould listserve "The 
>f-minor Listserve."

>I was looking for available CDs by GLENN Gould and to make it a little 
>easier, clicked on his name.  Suddenly the 56 available selections 
>went to over 80.  Many of the newly added CDs describe "Glenn Gould 
>conducts the MORTON Gould orchestra."  Late at night this can be 
>rather confusing.

>So I sent the URL to one such recording to the group.  They got quite 
>a chuckle out of it considering the late Classical Pianist wanted to 
>conduct, but only did two recordings holding the baton, and it 
>certainly wasn't jazz. 

>Perhaps it is an error you may want to fix? ;-)

>Lori Lalonde

>To: jgray@n2k.com
>From: "L. Lalonde" <llalonde@lightspeed.net>
>Subject: Glenn and Morton?
>Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 16:59:57 -0700

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