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More thoughts on GG as "non-composer"

Considering GG's modus operandi when making recordings, i.e., doing 
multiple takes, and then choosing one at a later date for release (by his 
words, all recording sessions required at least a two weeks' waiting
period before listening to the works again, lest he make a judgment based 
on first hearing), such self-imposed standards would surely confound the 
emergence for publication of original musical ideas.
With such lofty requirements imposed on his re-creative output, it is 
hard to imagine him lowering them enough to permit publication, his few 
tentative and early compositional efforts notwithstanding. He revels in 
the staggering amount of editing he engaged in while producing his radio 
documentaries. But, as has been pointed out before, he was breaking new 
ground, and there were no critics competent to comment on this media.
But, the time and effort that would be necessary for him to come to terms 
with a work of his own would surely result in his musical ideas finally 
dying on the vine, not only for lack of confidence in his creative gifts, 
but for inability to finalize his musical ideas. One could, after all, 
re-record another composer's work, but to recognize some self-critical 
shortcomings in ones' previously published work...what then?