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Re: More thoughts on GG as "non-composer"

At 00:15 1/02/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Considering GG's modus operandi when making recordings, i.e., doing 
>multiple takes, and then choosing one at a later date for release (by his 
>words, all recording sessions required at least a two weeks' waiting
>period before listening to the works again, lest he make a judgment based 
>on first hearing), such self-imposed standards would surely confound the 
>emergence for publication of original musical ideas.

Actually, I think the exact opposite.  Many (most?) composers are forever
changing their first ideas or concepts in a composition while in the act of
comoposing.  Allowing a comoposition to grow over time gives the composer
the chance to meld his or her ideas together.  The major point, however, is
that a _final_ decision must be made at some time to allow the text to be
finished.  I think Gould's problem was that he would never finalise his
ideas in a composition, which is ironic because he did this in recording,
probably to a greater extent than any classical pianist!
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