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GG: On-line articles


I usually don't think it's a good idea to endorse commercial enterprises
on f_minor, but sometimes a service comes along that deserves, I think,


is an on-line database of back issues of magazines and other media
sources.  A search on "Glenn Gould" yielded over 150 hits (all about our
GG) mostly from _The American Record Guide_ and _McLean's_ along with
several reviews of _32SF@GG_ (_USA Today_, _NPR_)-- all interesting
reading.  The ARG gives reviews of many of the Sony collection CD's for
those of you who are new to GG and would like an opinion before spending
cash on such expensive CD's.  

The main reason I mention this commercial service is that they are
offering a trial membership of 100 downloads free with some extra limits
that I can't now remember. (See their site for details.) All the Gould
material I've mentioned, I copied free.  Beats a trip to the library and
waiting in line at the photocopier!

-Mary Jo Watts,
listowner, f_minor