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Re: Q about 32 Short Films

>and I argue over whether Froeme 
>really captures the essence of Gould.  

        I have to admit, I am biased toward Colm Feore. I could watch a two hour film of the guy *sleeping.* 
(I know that CF is an admirer of Gould, so if you're out there babe, Here's lookin' at you kid. Call me.)
I think Feore is able to bring a certain sensuousness to Gould's portrayal that I think is absolutely necessary. However, having said that, let me say that I know Feore could have done a better job of making him more human, too, and whether the lacking is on the the part of the actor or the script is hard to say. There was very little opportunity in the film to see the very social and entertaining side of Gould that those close to him held very dear, other than the quirky 'personal ad' segment, which, because of the serious tone of the rest of the film, made Gould seem more like a lunatic than a comedian. It would have been nice to see the young Glenn printing faux newspapers for his animals, or the young adult Gould running around the rocks in the Bahamas in his overcoat and cap; just a little something to give a glimpse of the light-hearted nature GG was capable of enjoying. I think the film chose (perhaps unwisely) to emphasize his frail and uptight image more than his lively and individual self.
Still, ya gotta love Colm Feore. (Ever see that lousy made-for-tv movie with Kathleen Turner he did a few years back? I think it was called Friends At Last. Absolutely terrible, but I thought of Glenn Gould the entire time...)


John Roberts, a lifelong friend of Gould's, tells of a visit to his home by Gould himself. The pianist arrived at night, late, at the door. John Roberts asked who was there. Gould replied, "I'm John Roberts."  - Bruce w. Powe