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GG: In Gould We Trust

> but why oh why oh why did he record all the Mozart piano sonatas when
> he expressly disliked them.


Hold still ya little bugger ... I'm tryin' to take aim :)   Humor aside,
Gould admitted in interviews that he recorded the later Mozart and the
middle Beethoven works (most of which he said he disliked) because he felt
he "had to complete the cycle." Obviously some will probe into this and
question whether that was reason enough.


"Despite my admiration for scientific knowledge, I am not an adherent of 
scientism. For scientism dogmatically asserts the authority of scientific 
knowledge; whereas I do not believe in any authority and have always 
resisted dogmatism; and I continue to resist it, especially in science. I 
am opposed to the thesis that the scientist must believe in his theory. 
As far as I am concerned 'I do not believe in  belief', as E. M. Forster 
says; and I especially do not believe in belief in science. I believe at 
most that belief has a place in ethics, and even here only in a few 
instances. I believe, for example, that objective truth is a value -- that 
is, an ethical value, perhaps the greatest value there is -- and that 
cruelty is the greatest evil."   -- Karl Popper (1982)