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Re: GG: Saint Glenn

At 04:18 PM 2/4/97 +1100, PETER PF MERRIMAN wrote:
>     The other oddities are the Listz transcriptions of the Beethoven 
>     symphonies (5 and 6).  I read somewhere that he had planned to record 
>     the entire nine.  WHY??  Was he a closet admirer of Listz's 
>     transcriptions? 

I'd always thought that he had recorded them as they allowed him to further
demonstrate the separation of voices that seemed to dominate a lot of his work.

I personally prefer the Listz transcriptions to the originals as the
performance is less muddied (sorry, I can't think of the right word just now
to express the difference). In the days when I used to have access to a
piano (and the commitment to practice :-) spent many hours entertaining
myself with the 5th and 6th symphony transcriptions which were the two I had
the scores of. An interesting coincidence that I have the scores to the two
that Gould recorded. I wonder if he had the same two volume anthology of
piano works I have?

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