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Re: GG: Saint Glenn

I too would like a crack at Mr. Merriman (or should I address him as 
Sir Merriman?) since I have either correctly or mistakenly taken some 
of his recent comments personally.

First, I care about the "stupid" chair.  I believe in symbols and I 
believe the particular treatment of this inanimate object by the 
pianist gives us a glimpse into his psyche.

Secondly, the "documented" occurences of his difficulties with working 
with others, if researched, will reveal they are more opinionated than 

Specifically, what I enjoy about the GLENN GOULD list serve is that 
people subscribing may discuss freely their admiration and theories 
about this pianist and the music he chose to play.  One may also 
choose to discard those postings which may not interest them without 

Personally, I do think Glenn Gould was an exemplary human being.  If 
one listens to the documentaries and reads the biographies, one 
notices very strongly that GG was consistent throughout his life.  His 
theory about music and its intention never changed.  His tastes may 
have changed, and Glenn was once asked what was his favorite piece.  
His response--the one he was currently working on.  He was never cruel 
to people; he just related to them better from a distance.  His 
differences with musicians were only musical in nature.  He knew what 
he wanted and went to great lengths to obtain that.  

I wish I had as strong a character as Mr. Gould did.  I try to use him 
as an example in my own life.  Perhaps that sounds ridiculous or even 
"stupid."  But I feel this particular listserve openly dedicated to 
discuss Mr. Gould is not a forum to insult those who subscribe.  I 
welcome rebuttels to my comments; however, I would hope they would be 
formed with an open mind.

Lori Lalonde