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Re: GG: Saint Glenn

On 4 Feb 1997, PETER PF MERRIMAN wrote:

>      While I find the postings to f-minor mostly entertaining and sometimes 
>      informative, there seems to be a disappointing amount of hagiography 
>      at times...


	I agree completely with your sentiment here -- Glenn is not the
ultimate in humanity, with everyone else falling far, far below.  And it
is bad netiquette to harshly flame people, even if they are "non-real"
public figures like other concert artists (as opposed, of course, to Our
Glenn ;)), but you've gone and breached your own ground rules here, when
you say:

>  (and who cares about the stupid chair??)

Clearly, many people on the list _did_ care about the chair, there was a
lot of response to that thread.  And while I myself didn't care at first,
I found that there was a lot of history behind that chair -- and I, for
one, do care about history, so I was interested then.

>      OK - Iam standing still - ready, aim fire!!! >      

I don't mean to flame you with my remarks, in fact I mean them in a
semi-humorous vein and I hope you receive them as such.  But I've really
always felt that this list was one of the more polite ones I've
encountered (and I've encountered some rude ones!).
Forgot to introduce myself -- it's all pretty much in the dotsig below, I
play and teach piano, violin, viola and flute (started with violin, wanted
to play flute, taught myself piano as a child, then studied seriously in
undergraduate school), have five children, from two in college down to one
in grade four.  Started up with Glenn at about age 12, inroduced by an
older sister who is an avowed Glenn fanatic.  Bach's my favorite,
followed by Brahms -- definitely _not_ Mozart, except for some "less
popular" stuff.  I'm a graduate student in Music Theory and Library
Science -- Music Librarianship, and Schenker's my theory man.  Arin, how
south in ON are your parents?  I take my students to the Niagara Falls and
St. Catherines Kiwanis festival every year.

That's enough about me, but I have one other request (after writing this
too-long post myself).  Can we just snip parts of other posts, rather than
including them verbatim?  I don't have room to save things if everything
gets included, and my mailbox gets full!

Thanks folks, and hello!
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|State University of New York at Buffalo    |  Potential Theorist         |
|stewartm@acsu.buffalo.edu		    |  Hockey Player              |