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Re: GG and Schubert

> What do others think? And was GG much of an accompanist?

Oh yes! I think he was. Listen to the Gould/Menuhin disc. I have
never found the Beethoven sonata recorded in a more deeply 
moving way (especially the beginning of the 2nd set). 

Perhaps the musicians he played with did not think he "accompanied"
them properly (see Elisabeth Schwarzkopf's refusal of publishing some 
Strauss Lieder she recorded with Gould - which is a pity, if not a 
shame). But in my opinion, his recordings as an accompanist are almost
ever convincing, giving an interesting, fresh sight of the 
music recorded. His partners may not have been the greatest 
artists (except of Menuhin and Schwarzkopf). But it is worth 
listening for the piano parts.

BTW: I wonder what the Gould/Streisand record would have been like?
As far as I know, he dreamt of recording some songs with Barbra.

- Andreas Praefcke
  Student at Mannheim University, Germany
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