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Re: Alberto Guerrero

The only recording of Guerrrero's playing I've been able to discover 
was originally released in 1983 as one LP of two under the title "The 
young Glenn Gould," both of which were rereleased in 1987 on a 
single CD (DFCD-9032) produced by Fanfare of Toronto, the issuer of 
the original LPs, and again on CD in 1993 by Mastersound of Toronto.

The contents (original 2nd LP) include three Mozart works for four 
hands, featuring Guerrero and Gould together, and Bach's Italian 
concerto played by Guerrero.

These were recorded by Gould and Guerrero on their own recorder 
between the years 1947 and 1953 and somehow the tapes came into 
the hands of Fanfare who produced the LPs shortly after Gould's 
death. The works played by Gould alone are: Berg's sonata op.1, 
Shostakovich's Three favorite dances transcribed by Glickman, 
Taneyev's Birth of the harp transcribed by Hartmann, and Prokofiev's 
Winter fairy transcribed by Fichtengoltz.

There is a great deal of information on the cover of the original 
LPs, Gabriel, which I'd be happy to check further if you'd like.

> I know Alberto Guerrero, Gould's piano teacher, recorded 
> some works, especially some Bach concerto.
> Does anybody know what are his available recordings?

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