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Re: Alberto Guerrero

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Peter Glenister wrote:

> The only recording of Guerrrero's playing I've been able to discover 
> was originally released in 1983 as one LP of two under the title "The 
> young Glenn Gould," both of which were rereleased in 1987 on a 
> single CD (DFCD-9032) produced by Fanfare of Toronto, the issuer of 
> the original LPs, and again on CD in 1993 by Mastersound of Toronto.
> The contents (original 2nd LP) include three Mozart works for four 
> hands, featuring Guerrero and Gould together, and Bach's Italian 
> concerto played by Guerrero.
> These were recorded by Gould and Guerrero on their own recorder 
> between the years 1947 and 1953 and somehow the tapes came into 
> the hands of Fanfare who produced the LPs shortly after Gould's 
> death. The works played by Gould alone are: Berg's sonata op.1, 
> Shostakovich's Three favorite dances transcribed by Glickman, 
> Taneyev's Birth of the harp transcribed by Hartmann, and Prokofiev's 
> Winter fairy transcribed by Fichtengoltz.
> There is a great deal of information on the cover of the original 
> LPs, Gabriel, which I'd be happy to check further if you'd like.

The original LP of the Berg, Shos., Tany., and Prok. was a 10" Hallmark
LP, catalog no. RS-3. I have a copy, but I've never seen another. One
more, at least, exists, since it was used for the Turnabout reissue on a
12" disc. Does anyone out there have a copy? I'll scan in the text and
send it to the group if there's any interest.

I also have an autographed copy of Gould's little book on Schoenberg, and
an unautographed copy as well. I'm curious about how rare Gould
autrographs are.

Frank Forman
"It is a far, far better thing to be firmly
anchored in nonsense than to put out on the
troubled seas of thought" - John Kenneth Galbraith