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Re: GG English Suites $5.00

>> >including previously unissued performances.  Sony publishes this series
>> >with short playing times and full price because people will pay it....
>> I would pay dearly (and I would probably have to) for a complete
>> collection, which could be stored as a logical and handsome unit, so I
>Check Berkshire to see if they have any in stock.  About a year ago I
>picked up somewhere on the order of 20 Sony GG Edition discs in boxed
>sets with a cost of somewhere on the order of $6/disc.  The boxes just
>contained the individually packaged CD's, but are a very good way to
>help me organize my GG collection and find what I am looking for.
>Berkshire = www.berkshirerecoutlet.com - They basically buy stock
>from stores going out of business or who have other reasons to sell
>all or part of their stock.  They then resell this at very low prices,
>but the difference is you choose from what they have, not from the
>list of all CD's in the world, and the service is very no-frills
>(note, I don't mean bad service, I mean non-deluxe).  Ask them to
>send you a copy of their printed catalog also.
> gzs@clark.net
> Tickling the perverted tastes of the bourgeois with fidgety, neurotic music.

Thanks George,

They have this good deal on the WTC, but I thought it was on 3 CDs.  Does
anyone know for sure?  What would the bonus disc be? ;-)

     Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier. (Glenn Gould, piano. DIGITALLY
        Add to cart | Price: $15.96 | 4 in set. | Country: DUTCH | D/A code: S
        | Code: TAPE 77427 | Label: SONY/CBS