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Get Free Stock at CampusBackbone.Com for referring your Friends!

I hope you don't think I am spamming anyone with this message,
A friend hooked me up with this info. I have signed up for it,
it costs NO money at all, but you get free stock in this company
for referring your friends. So I looked up on the internet for people
that are in college and sent them this message. This is my first
and only mass message, so if you are not interested, just delete
the message. Thank you!
I just heard about this company that is offering a
lot of perks that could pay off nicely in the future.  And, whether or
not they do, the company is such that it won't hurt to try.  The best
thing about it is the free stock giveaway. So, to get in on the ground floor
of the stock giveaway go to www.campusbackbone.com. You can cut
and paste the following e-mail and e-mail it to all of your college friends
to get more stock. But first sign yourself up at www.campusbackbone.com

This doesn't happen everyday! A company in the US is giving away free
shares (like Yahoo did at its beginning). The last company who tried this
route is now listed on NASDAQ. This company could get going like
Hotmail, Amazon or Junglee.  Go to http://www.campusbackbone.com
and sign up using referral code: Dugan

Once you sign up you will get your own referral code and for every person
 you get to sign up, you will receive a share of stock in CampusBackbone!
 Once you get your referral code, you can change the referral code in this
 message and send it your friends. Hurry, they are only taking a certain
number! (first two million people) and when I went in today, it was already
over 200,000. So get in quick !

Referral code: Dugan

NOTE:  they won't let you sign up without the referral code, so don't
Another Note: A freind saw a piece on this company on CNN, and experts
say this company will shoot through the roof once it goes public. The
offers proactive credit management services, free web-based e-mail, a
to get paid for email, and a whole list of other valuable services.

(I don't know if this is true but the concept of the company, as you'll see
you check it out, is pretty solid and being an internet company, it could
well shoot up when it goes public.  And, there's nothing like free shares of
skyrocketing stock!)

Good luck with this!