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Re: GG: On Fartein Valen

As a norwegian I have a fair knowlegde about Fartein Valen; indeed, i am related
to the guy far out, and have been at his house for several occations. (Played on
his piano on a concert last year, a mixed experience.) As for recordings i find
the Riefling reading very bad, u should hear him play e.g. Bach... A reading I
can recommend is that of Einar Røttingen, one of my professors at the
Griegacadamy in Bergen. I havnt listened to it a lot, but *anything* is better
than Rieflings!
André Møllerhaug.

miki wrote:

> Dear Sirs,
> I have been crazy about Glenn Gould for a decade
> but until recently I had not known that such a lively mailing list exists.
> I have one enquiry about Gould's favourite composer.
> That gentleman is Fartein VALEN, who was a Norweigien.
> I came to know a few CDs are available but
> I cannot find a CD of piano works with degital recording.
> It is very kind of you, if you let me know the CD above is available or not.
> Thank you very much for your help.
> Tokyo, Japan
> mkiwata@interlink.or.jp
> 5th May 1999
> 19:00