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GG: any opinion on Sweelinck?

Hello everyone - got a couple of questions about GG.  I am working on a
concert program and recording (I'm a pianist), exploring the contradictions
of his personality and the interesting contrasts in the music of the
different composers he favored.

1)  Did GG ever express an opinion about the music of Jan Sweelinck?  I've
played a few pieces of Sweelinck's over the years, and it seems to me if he
liked Gibbons, he might also have enjoyed Sweelinck, who wrote quite a bit
of high quality keyboard music.

2)  I would appreciate any discussion of GG's views on Schoenberg (all I
know is of his admiration for Schoenberg generally - I haven't yet heard
GG's CBC shows, etc. so don't know too much of the specifics) ... did he
love all of Schoenberg's music, or only the compositions of a certain
period?  To be specific, did he express any opinions on Schoenberg's earlier
pre-serial music as opposed to the later twelve-tone works?