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Re: GG: any opinion on Sweelinck?

On Fri, 28 May 1999, Anne M. Marble wrote:

> That darn Sweelinck piece is addictive! It recently "grew on me." I
> had it cued in the tape in my car, and I kept replaying it. Does
> anybody else get "stuck" on one GG piece like that?

Yup, same one.  My first exposure to that Sweelinck piece was hearing it
on the Salzburg recital disc (issued early 1980's by Memoria) and I got
hooked...had to run out and learn it ASAP.  It was a nice piece to take to
a grad school audition.

It's pretty easy to get stuck anywhere on the Brahms intermezzi disc.

And the Beethoven 1st concerto with GG's cadenzas.

And the Scriabin and Berg sonatas.

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