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Re: Sgt. Pepper

My fear that I was being pompous in objecting to the vapid chit chat about
Sgt. Pepper on a site supposedly devoted to Glenn Gould has been allayed by
your response, in which you presume to speak for Mr Gould. An ancient incident
springs to mind in which a lady heatedly insisted to me that Liberace was the
greatest living pianist. We are all entitled to our batty opinions and if
someone wants to bungle the distinction between music and musicianship, that's
their privilege. Let's go whole hog here, why stick to discussing Gould, his
performances and his musicianship? I understand Gould liked catsup on his
eggs; I think Heinz is way better than Del Monte. And I think GG would have
agreed with me.

By the way, I love the music of the Beatles, and my favorite is the White

zqc53@TTACS.TTU.EDU wrote:

> >A little digression is fine by me, but this nonsense does not belong on a
> >board devoted to Glenn Gould
> Ah, but sir, I must disagree!  I am sure that if he were with us, Gould
> would revel, enjoy, and possibly participate in such an off-topic manner.
> Yes, we are not talking of Glenn Gould by nomenclature.  You may not see
> his name or spirit placed on the podium, it is true.
> Alas, but I lie.  We are talking of music, which was Mr. Gould's mistress,
> his love, his companion in life.  Dare I say it?  Glenn Gould WAS music.
> and, in this sense, we are staying true to the topic, nie, the world of
> Gould.
> I will make sure and mark each  topic line with the phrase (no Gould
> content) so that you will not be distracted.
> I am a new fan to the world of Glenn Gould, and I hope to learn more about
> him and his music through the list.  I hope that my opinions of the
> non-Gould world are welcome in return.  I would rather participate in a
> slightly off-topic subject on a list than to have a phantom list, would
> you not?
> good evening, and a lovely day to you!
> Cheers!
> Joseph

415.246.1689 (cell, page)

"To forgive is wisdom, to forget is genius."
                                 -Gulley Jimson