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Re: Your personal...

>>That is very hard question.  My two favorite Bachwerke(n?) for solo
>>are "probably" the a minor English Suite and the e minor English Suite.
>>those would probably be my votes for favorite GouldBachwerken.

Well, your choices are all great but what I failed to put clearly when
starting this thread is that I wanted to know which Bach's works you liked
best. I stressed Gould's performance just because I can accept very few
other performers of the composer. So to put the question in slightly another
way: which of Bach's pieces for solo clavier are real masterpieces to your
For example, from all the partitas Nr. 6 and especially its Toccata seems to
be the most prominent. Same with the first contrapunct in the Art of Fugue.
The fourth sinfonie arouses deepest feeling in me. And so on...

Juozas Rimas