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RE: Your personal...

 In answer to Hans Alster's questions, (1)as far as I know, this performance
of the D major partita has not been released on cd, (2) the "Art of the
Fugue" cd does not contain the E major fugue from Bk 2; it contains the
"Fugue on the name BACH", BWV 898, which I believe is the same performance
of that fugue as appears on the "An Art of Fugue" video. The only
performances of the Bk 2 E major fugue on cd are the recording included in
the compilation of the complete WTC in the SONY GG edition(in a performance
at a much faster tempo, recorded in the late '60s or early '70s), and as
filler on the SONY  cd of the '55 Goldbergs in the GG edition, in an
extremely slow performance recorded circa '59. Neither of these renditions
comes any where near the emotional impact of the rendition in the Art of
Fugue video, made near the end of GG's life.

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>2. Partita No. 4 in D major as performed in "A Question of Instruments"
I agree, it's great.
Does anyone know if this performance is released on cd? Will it ever be 
(The fugue Daniel Baldwin put on 1 [1. E major Fugue from WTC Bk 2, as 
performed in "An Art of the Fugue" video.] is the same one as the one on 
the AoF-cd, isn't it?)