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Re: Your personal...

I'm a little late, but here's some from me. There are too many, of course.

Prelude from Eng. Suite no 4 in F major
Prelude from Eng. Suite no 6 in D minor
Gigue from Fr. Suite no 5 in G major
Partita in B-flat Major
Partita in G major
Partita in E minor
The last Goldbergs (first recording was epic, but last was beautiful, joyous).

The prelude from eng suite in F major gets played over and over in my car. It's
a sickness, I admit. Can anyone imagine music without Bach? Life without Bach?
I often sleep to Bach, wake up to Bach, drive to the office to Bach, work to
Bach. Always by Glenn Gould. It's not all-consuming, and I don't make a study
of it at all. I can't even name the pieces, necessarily; I have to look them
up. But it is the background to my life. I play Bach on the guitar, too; just
not very well.

Sorry to ramble, I'm on cold medicine at the moment.

How about another question? Looking at your favorites, or others' favorites, is
there a pattern to what we each individually prefer from Bach/Gould? Any
musicologists care to do the analysis? Unfortunately, I am not qualified.


BONG wrote:

> It is well known there's no point in arguing about the greatness of certain
> composer or piece so I'm asking for utterly personal opinions just because
> I'm always glad to try out others' preferences as if they were mine. After
> such a long Preambulum here's my question: what is your favorite performance
> of Bach by Gould?
> Juozas Rimas