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GG RE: Howard Scott <query>

Dear f_minors,

This is my first post after the GGGathering.
(Greetings to all the minors I met there,
and sorry for a long silence.)
After the event and the optional Northern tour,
My friend T.S. and I visited Orillia, Uptergrove and Uxbridge.
The GG cottage on the Lake Simcoe does not
exist any more, but the neighbors Mr and Mrs Doolittle
are still alive!  In the cemetery in Uxbridge, I found
the graves of Jessy's and GG's grandfather's.

In the meantime, I heard from Howard Scott
for my query on the films GG off/on the Record,
so I will give you new information:

>>Q1.  Besides GG, there were at least four people in the 
>>control room of the 30th Street Columbia Studio.
>>Could you please give their formal names and 
>>their job titles respectively?
>>  A.  Howard Scott, producer (it is you!);


>>  B.  a man who might have been in front of the tape deck;
>>with a cigarette between the fingers of his left hand (is he
>>a recording engineer?)

"Harold Chapman: a recording engineer invited only to get in
the film as he was the Masterwork's road engineer controls."

>>  C.  a man in front of the mixing console with moustach and a necktie,
>>  who had his shoulders massaged and 
>>  was most probably be called "Fred"(is he a mixer, controlman?)

"Fred Plaut.  The Columbia Masterworks New York control engineer.
Sometimes on the road with me."

>>  D.  a man behind "Fred" who massaged "Fred'"s shoulder

"Robert (Bob) Wally, the tape engineer."

>>Q2.  Is the photographer who took photos of Gould during
>>an intermission  Don Hunstein?

It is definitely Don Hunstein.  I met him at the Gathering
and he said "Yes."

BTW, according to Don, the LP album including the Italian Concerto 
was the first GG album the cover photo of which was taken by him.

The showing of the film starts on November 27 in Tokyo,

Best regards,


P.S.  Dear person I met at the Gathering who wants to show
the same film in your town, do write to me.  I misplaced your
name and address.  Sorry.