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re: GG: Hofstadter on Chopin

Elmer Elevator writes:
>I remember his (Hofstadters) largely mathematical analyses of Chopin (and of
>Bach in GEB) as being extraordinarily fascinating...
I totally agree, in fact I was made a Bach addict by reading this book.
The "counterpoint" of maths and esthetics that - to me - is the basis for Bach's
music is very beautifully and elegantly disclosed by Mr. Hofstadter. Probably even
my preference for GG's Bach readings can be traced back to reading the "Eternal
Golden Braid".
Another thing to mention:
Andre Moellerhaug wrote:
>its funny u mention "flight of the bumble bee". gould said once (in
>connection with "so u want to write a fugue?") that "every fugue conceals
>a secret flight".
I (a newbie) was confused by the aeronautical connotations
of "flight" with regard to the bumblebee. I had always understood "fugue" to mean "flight"
in the sense of "escape"? Am I wrong? Or did I miss something (newbie!)?
Grateful for any explanation,
Arne Klindt