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Re: GG The Gould Standard

+AD4- I was pleased to see the articles in the Gould Standard about the
+AD4- The personal reflections from people from different countries were all
+AD4- done.  I know that Daniel Vaiser and perhaps Kristian Johansson are on
+AD4- list.  Well done+ACE-

I haven't gotten my copy yet. +ADw-pant, pant+AD4-

+AD4- Daniel wrote in his paragraph about the unveiling of GG's statue :+ACI-What
+AD4- jarring (to me, at any rate)however was hearing the loud sound of
+AD4- bagpipes.....+ACI-  When Anne Marble sent me pictures I couldn't believe that
+AD4- there were bagpipes at a Glenn Gould function.  Does anyone know why?  It
+AD4- can't be possible that he liked them.

I think the bagpipes were included in part because Glenn Gould was
Scottish. Also, if I remember correctly, they were included because
bagpipes are a traditional part of a lot of Canadian events. (I wouldn't
know if that last part is true.)