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GG: Paul Scherman

Dear minors,

I am writing a review of the recent release of
GG's Beethoven Concertos nos 1& 2 (1951).

Besides the performances with Sir Ernest MacMillan/
Toronto Symphony Orchestra,
the disc (CBC PSCD 2015) includes a bonus track
performed with Paul Scherman (1907-96), 
Assistant Conductor of the Toronto Symphony 
Orchestra from 1847 to 1955.

Here I have a question.
Does anyone know the correct pronunciation of 
his family name: Scherman?
I guess there are two possibilities:

  A. SHUHR-man
  B. SKUHR-man or SKER-man

because, as for "Schermerhorn",
according to a dictionary (John K. Bollard,
*Pronouncing Dictionary of Proper Names*,
2nd edition, Detroit: Ominigraphics, 1998), 
US conductor Kenneth Schermerhorn
is pronounced as SHUR-murh-hawrn,
and a street in New York City is
as SKUHR-muhr-hawrn or SKER-...

I need to know that because in Japanese, 
I must transcribe the name phonetically.

Thank you in advance.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Junichi Miyazawa, Tokyo
walkingtune@bigfoot.com (alias)