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GG: Gould as a Conductor

Dear F minors,

A few days ago,
I have bought a Gould's CD, 'Gould Conducts Wagner', 
in which Gould conducts Wagner's Siegfried-Idyll'.
I bought Gould 'plays' Wagner ten years ago
and I have been enyoing it for years.

I have been a 'fanatic' fan of Gould in the last ten years 
but I haven't heard Gould's conducting.
I was a fool!
I have should have listened to the CD earlier!!!

The Siegfried-Idyll with Gould's conducting is absolutely fantastic!!!

In a Japanese version booklet of the CD,
Mr Junichi MIYAZAWA, 
who is an authority of Gould in Japan,
and for whom I respect,
has written this heart-warming comment:

In an original recording tape, 
we can hear what Gould was saying towards Toronto Orchestra,
'Gorgeous! Maginificant! Heartbreaking!
I would like to these words to Gould himself.
Everytime I listen to this CD, I cannot help feeling so...

As you all already know,
Gould was dead just one month after this recording...
I would like to say almost the same thing.
Everytime I hear the tune conducted by Gould,
I feel a kind of melancholy feeling...
He must have been buring his life in this recording
(or, of course, other recordings) 
and the sound is extremely 'satle' and 'delicate'
as if it is refelecting his life itself...

I have no conclusion in this messege...
All I wanted to say was 
how I was deeply impressed by Gould's Last recording.


Tokyo, JAPAN