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RE: J.S. Bach in the House

The film is by the DeVine group and it is called "Bach's fight for Freedom".
It is a "free fantasia" on this actual historical event. In the film J.S.
Bach is befriended by a young boy who assists him while he composes the
cantata : "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben". J.S. helps the boy to see his
parents and the Duke, Bach's greatness and to "Live Life with Passion". It
is quite good. It is done by the same group who did "Beethoven Lives
Upstairs" - There are also short films about Liszt and Bizet. Also there is
a non-musical one about Galileo.

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		> IIRC, Bach wanted to take a better job at Anhalt-Cothen
and was put in
		> for "resigning too eagerly" by his employer (the Duke of
Weimar ?). It's
		> been awhile since I read this.

		Wasn't there a short fillum, uh film, about this? Perhaps
for the Family
		Film audience.

		Or maybe it was a children's book.

		Somebody help me here...