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Re: J.S. Bach in the House

Eric et al,

Yes, yes, exactly ... he accepted a new job without getting his Lord's prior permission to apply for a new job. I was embarrassed to post because this is from memory and I, too, forgot the name of the Nasty Big Cheese who threw JS Bach into the can.

Elmer Elevator's Discount Prep:

"Cline, Eric" wrote:

IIRC, Bach wanted to take a better job at Anhalt-Cothen and was put in jail
for "resigning too eagerly" by his employer (the Duke of Weimar ?). It's
been awhile since I read this.

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                I'm not sure of the crime, but I know JSB was treated well
in prison -- they
                gave him his own Suite, with a full set of keys, and
occasionally he was
                allowed to go out into a Chorale.

                Toccata go now --


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                Elmer Elevator wrote:
                > This thread should remind and caution us all about the
limited rewards of
                > lifetime of striving to be good, rational, well-behaved,
                > law-abiding, normal, conservative, sin-free,
family-values-oriented, and
                > professionally holy. JS Bach STILL did a few weeks in
jail. (And I don't
                > think Mozart ever did.)

                Really?  J.S. did some time in the Big House?
                I guess I missed that part.  What was the charge...
                too many parallel octaves in a Burlesca?  Fill us in, Bob...