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Re: GG's Opinion

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999 21:21:12 EST, you wrote:

>But I can't stp thinking about what Glenn 
>would have to say (certainly much) about the theory that all of the 
>mathematical perfection in Bach's music lacks the passion and danger that 
>later composers had, the bravery to take chances. But I guess for his time 
>maybe this was what he was doing, maybe I'm just too modern to see the 
>"rebelious" side of Bach's music?

There's a simple solution to this. grab a copy of the the st matthew passion,
and after a few hearings I think you'll find that Bach was capable of an
emotional intensity almost unparalled in western music. 

Bach didn't appear to have a great sense of humour though, but him being a
German, this should not come as a shock :-)