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Re: GG: Wendy Carlos

Hello Hans and f_minors.  The quote to which you refer was reproduced on
top of the back of "The Well-Tempered Synthesizer" (Columbia MS7286) 12"
vinyl sleeve, and no doubt transferred to Carlos' new "Switched-On
Set]" as the works on W-TS finally made their way for the first time to
Compact Disc format last October. Where did I read (eons ago) that GG
requested a pre-release audit of W-TS and got one, based on his
endorsment of the Sep68 album "Switched-On Bach"? 
 GG wrote an article about
SOB that was published (i believe) in Billboard magazine, then
reproduced in
part on a 12" square insert in W-TS, along with additional commentary by
Here's what is to me, the most interesting observation GG made in that
article referring to SOB: "But it's the sounds that recall no particular
experience, that underline what I take to be Carlos' prime motivation -
utilization of the available technology to actualize previously
aspects of the world of Bach. Now this may well be just the sort of
Stokowski would use to justify his orchestral inflation of the organ
and even Anton Webern would probably have claimed he was seeking a
contemporary look for Bach as he set about pointillistically dissembling
"Musical Offering's" last fugue. But Stokowski's indulgences simply
the English vesper service postlude, circa 1910, while Webern's Viennese
pontifications evoke all the hair-splitting, beard-stroking Freudian
that ever led to a faulty diagnosis."
Vintage Gould, eh?
- Stephen Rieck

Hans Alsters wrote:

> Can someone please tell where the following quote is from? I've looked in
> the GG-Reader, but there I can't find it.
> "Carlos's realization of the Fourth Brandenburg Concerto is,
> to put it bluntly, the finest performance of any of the Brandenburgs
> --live, canned, or intuited-- I've ever heard." ? Glenn Gould
> I knew Gould liked Carlos's Moog-sounds, but I didn't know he was such an
> enthusiast.
> (I found the quote on the box of a new 4-disc Wendy Carlos release)
> Hans Alsters.