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Re: GG: Wendy Carlos / Bureacracy Marches On

Re the Wendy Carlos review that GG could not possibly have written, I bring to your attention, under the category "Bureacracy Marches On," the following:


Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA)
Registry of Motor Vehicles
Application for motor vehicle license renewal/duplicate/reinstatement (etc.)
form G001936 2/98 #10312

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Bob Merkin
Elmer Elevator's Discount Prep:

Hans Alsters wrote:

Can someone please tell where the following quote is from? I've looked in
the GG-Reader, but there I can't find it.

"Carlos's realization of the Fourth Brandenburg Concerto is,
to put it bluntly, the finest performance of any of the Brandenburgs
--live, canned, or intuited-- I've ever heard." ? Glenn Gould

I knew Gould liked Carlos's Moog-sounds, but I didn't know he was such an

(I found the quote on the box of a new 4-disc Wendy Carlos release)

Hans Alsters.