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GG Notable Quotables

Mike Flemmer wrote:
> The qoute first appeared on the back cover of:
> "The Well-Tempered Synthesizer", from 1969.
> One of best (if not the) best works from W. Carlos.
> GG provided comments and that quote was on the back
> cover of the LP.
> I'd say it's probably GG most famous qoute and the one most
> people have probably seen.
> Any think there is any other qoute from GG more well known
> or at least this well known?

Well, there are lots of good ones.  But the one about Mozart dying
too late (rather than early) comes to mind.  Another would be the
one about Petula Clark's oeuvre being more important in the big
picture of popular music than the Beatles.  Then there's the one about
the concert hall experience going away...