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GG: Another Book Question

Has anyone read "Glenn Gould Mon Bel et Tendre Amour" by Susanne Hamel
Michaud? From what I've read, it's either a novel, or poetry and pictures,
or a reminiscence of the author's memories of seeing GG in concert, or all
of the above. And apparently, it's harder to find than an original pressing
of "Enoch Arden." I searched for it at ABE and other used book sites.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, that title makes it sound like one of
*those* books. Now, now... Don't be naughty. <g>

The book is listed in the bibliography at The Glenn Gould Archive:
Hamel-Michaud, Susanne.  Glenn Gould, mon bel et tendre amour.  Québec:
Editions Petit Hublot, 1995.

Darn, I wish I'd kept up my French. And my German (all one semester of it).
And then taken Japanese...