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Re: GG: ST on LP

Hearing rumors about this very odd side vocation of Gould's, I tracked
"Solitude" down on a CD from a label that releases CBC stuph. How it first
sounded from broadcast I don't know. But on the CD ... "The Idea of North"
is sweeping, breathtaking, easily the most interesting, fascinating thing
I've ever heard on/for radio. It finally got me off my duff to actually take
the Winnipeg-Churchill MAN train, and of course that was even more
wonderful. I got to speak at length to people exactly like those in Gould's
sound montage, to find out why they were going there, what it was like to
live in these places. In "Idea of North," knowing Gould's mastery of the
studio as we do, I suspect that whenever you can't hear people because of
fades and segues -- that's precisely as he wanted it. So you're only missing
what he wanted you to miss, you're hearing everything he wanted you to hear.

Bob Merkin
Elmer Elevator's Discount Prep Churchill Manitoba train trip:

Mary Jo Watts wrote:

> Was the Solitude Trilogy released on LP?  Did anyone hear the ST for the
> first time while it was playing on the radio?  What were your
> impressions?  Could you follow the narrative?
> -Mary Jo
> P.S. I'm working on the issue of the bounced email with the powers that
> be that control the defaults on the majordomo settings.  This has been a
> continual problem, and hopefully we'll have a nice solution soon.