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Re: ST on LP

Hi Mary Jo and all:

> Was the Solitude Trilogy released on LP?  Did anyone hear the ST for the
> first time while it was playing on the radio?  What were your
> impressions?  Could you follow the narrative?

The Idea of North (first radio broadcast on Dec 28, 1967):
released as an LP  in 1971 from CBC Learning System as:
I know there is another number: PR 8.
I don't know what difference between the two numbers.

The Latecomers (first radio broadcast on Dec 11, 1969):
released as an LP in 1971 as:
I know there is another number: PR 9.
The same question arises here.

The Quiet in the Land (first radio broad cast on March 25, 1977):
no release before 1992 when it was released in the CD album.

Anyway, my understanding is that 
the releases of the first two were not commercial releases,
but for distribution to radio stations, perhaps overseas.

BTW, I am not in Tokyo, 
but now temporalily in Ottawa for research.
Tomorrow I am meeting a professor at Carlton University
named Tom Henighan, who is one of the adressees in GG Letters.
His field is Canadian cultural studies, and one of his well-organized
books is:
Tom Henighan, 
*Ideas of North: A Guide to Canadian Arts & Culture* 
Vancouver: Raincoast Books, 1997.

Apparently, he was inspired by GG, and he made the title into plural.

Very useful for non-Canadians.