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RE: ST on LP

I have the trilogy on CD, it's amazing,  a vary intelligent piece of radio
art, and sound sculpture too, in 22 short stories of Glenn Gould , a film by
don mckeller, the Idea of north, it's making and point of view come across
vary predominate in the film, as well as a couple of book I recently read on
GG, being, the "gg reader" and "ecstasy and tragedy", I must admit, that his
execentristy and radio work is my  position of admiration for Glenn, but
after reading these book, and seeing 32 short films (for the 11 time), I
feel at this point that he used to be my next door neighbor. A collogue of
mine, Dr. Steven Satory,  tried in Ernest to study under him just before he
died. I guess I'm lucky living in Toronto, since I also have access to a
number of persons at the cbc, and every one has a gg story. He was in deed a
gem and a charter, when I go to frans, a restaurant across the street from
his apartment on St clair avenue, I always make sure I get his booth, he
always requested. However I still haven't see his film, Glenn gould's
Toronto, and I'm dying to see it, only brief glimpse of it when I was about
18, and spent most of the time whacked on drugs and booze, I'm 32 now, so ,
well you know. Needless to say these days, with my involvement with the
industry (radio and music) I have been able to receive a number of non
public released items (i.e. a poster from Sony classical of his chair,
brilliant) that I'm quite fortunate in receiving. I love the connection
between his self, Mchulhan ( especially see his dialogue between him self
and ... his self) and his whole take on pop culture and mass communications,
one brilliant guy... for sure. I guess the light the burns twice as bright,
lasts half as long!

Mopa Dean
ICQ# 44922925