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Re: R: R: GG Goldberg 81 Question

It has been pointed out to me that these boxed sets are not available in the U.S. I've adviced U.S. Goulders who want to get the boxed sts to buy them from one of the major British distributors, such as Music Group or Europadisc, whom I buy a lot from. You find their adresses etcetera in The Gramophone.

best of luck!


George wrote:

This is the same version of the 'GGE 81 GV I have.  The CD is not
a mini-disc and has a cover with the "old pensive" Glenn, head resting
against right hand.  The rest of the discs in box are the Hindemith Piano
Sonatas, Beethoven/Liszt Symphony #6, 2/3 Part Inventions (studio),
and Brahms Ballades, Rhapsodies, Intermezzi.  The discs come in normal
single and double jewel cases and are collected into a cardboard box which
they slide into and out of.  My disc says "Manufactured in Austria" and
has 32 tracks.

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Ingvar Loco Nordin wrote:

>I believe the GG Edition version of the '81 Goldbergs was never
>released in the US, but was released in Canada. I have always


How come you guys make all this fuzz about the 81 Goldbergs? It's
part of The Glenn Gould Edition Volume 2 (Boxed set) and the number
is SMK52619. Shouldn't be hard to get.

Tracks run 1 through 32.

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