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RE: R: R: GG Goldberg 81 Question

I have the CBS recording of the '81 Goldbergs, with separate tracking. I
bought it approx 2 years ago at Tower records in NYC. There are always
plenty of copies at Tower. (No-- I don't work for them).

By the way -- does anyone have the orginal cover of the Strawberry Alarm
Clock's first album? 


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I believe the GG Edition version of the '81 Goldbergs was never
released in the US, but was released in Canada. I have always
been anxious to get it because the lack of separate tracking
on the original CBS CD is very annoying, and I gather the
GG edition does have separate tracks (can anyone confirm

Btw the CBS version was my very first CD, 16 years and several
thousand disks ago. 

Jacob Feldman