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Re: GG: Original Jacket Collection

I've got one set from Amazon, just want it for collection of all Bach by
Gould, it's really pity that the set didn't include the English Suites and
French Suites.

However, one thing I have to mention is that there is one multimedia CD
inside, the disc can run on both PC or Mac, it contains the biography of Bach
and Gould, introduction of Fugue, artist job sheets.., music score of Fugue
of  No.1-9 that can play along, some video tracks about Fugue from the 'GG
Collection' and the liner notes of all discs.

khutchin@us.ibm.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I saw the Original Jacket Collection at a local Tower Store. The concept
> looked interesting. Then I read a brief review, which was sort of luke warm
> to the concept, but was greatful for the music. One of the knocks about the
> packaging was the back of the Art Of The Fugue disk -- the liner notes
> were covered by the announcement that the disk contained some
> multi media information.
> I decided to buy the set before completing my purchase of the Glenn
> Gould Editions. I purchased through Tower On Line -- which seemed
> to have the lowest price -- about $95.
> I like the packaging of the cds as mini lp jackets. Sony Classical also
> has a Stravinsky Original Jacket Collection package.
> By the way, as way of introduction, I am a very recent convert to the
> Glenn Gould camp. While I've been aware of Gould since the early
> 70s, it wasn't until late last year that I became interested enough to
> collect Gould's CD offerings. I think the Original Jacket Collection
> spurred my interest in Gould. I've collected all of the Sony Classical
> Editions, plus the Brahms Concerto, Gould the Composer, Silver
> Anniversary, the other Sony collections, and the CBC offerings.
> I became a member of the GlennGould Foundation. All in the space
> of about 8 weeks. It's an interesting ride.
> Ken Hutchins