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Re: GG: Original Jacket Collection

David, for me, I seem to latch onto a certain performer and make it a
For instance, my first love is Sinatra. Second is probably Toscanini, with
Stokowski a close third. The fourth person to attract this much interest
been Gould. Of course, non musically there was Patton and Sherlock Holmes!

I am definitely more of a non musical person. Not trained at all in any
unless you call the C Melody flute (somewhat mandatory in elementary
musical training.

Ken Hutchins

In a message dated 2/11/2000 8:58:25 AM, khutchin@us.ibm.com writes:

<< ny collections, and the CBC offerings.

I became a member of the GlennGould Foundation. All in the space
of about 8 weeks. It's an interesting ride.

Ken Hutchins >>

Many people can't explain it. It just happens. My story is like yours. It
particularly different for people who are not musicians than it is for
who are. Our impressions are based on what we hear in the music, rather
what we know about the mechanics of the music. Gould's legacy will continue
because he has managed to strike that chord, where many others have failed.
Does that help?  David P.