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RE: GG: Original Jacket Collection

I'll be wandering past 221b Baker Street later today. I shall pass on your
good wishes. Many similarities between Gould and Holmes. Most obviously the
list that Watson makes of Holmes abilities in A Study in Scarlet. Holmes
also probably asbergers... 

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> David, for me, I seem to latch onto a certain performer and make it a
> mission.
> For instance, my first love is Sinatra. Second is probably Toscanini, with
> Stokowski a close third. The fourth person to attract this much interest
> has
> been Gould. Of course, non musically there was Patton and Sherlock Holmes!
> I am definitely more of a non musical person. Not trained at all in any
> instrument,
> unless you call the C Melody flute (somewhat mandatory in elementary
> school)
> musical training.
> Ken Hutchins
> In a message dated 2/11/2000 8:58:25 AM, khutchin@us.ibm.com writes:
> << ny collections, and the CBC offerings.
> I became a member of the GlennGould Foundation. All in the space
> of about 8 weeks. It's an interesting ride.
> Ken Hutchins >>
> Many people can't explain it. It just happens. My story is like yours. It
> is
> particularly different for people who are not musicians than it is for
> those
> who are. Our impressions are based on what we hear in the music, rather
> than
> what we know about the mechanics of the music. Gould's legacy will
> continue
> because he has managed to strike that chord, where many others have
> failed.
> Does that help?  David P.