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Re: GG Goldberg 81 Question

> According to the web site, the 1981 recording
> of Bach's Goldberg Variations is included in the
> GGE. However, I can only find this issued on a
> Sony Classical mini CD. The only available
> version of the 81 recording appears on the
> Sony Masterworks label. Did Sony Classical
> issue the 81 Goldberg recording on a regular
> CD? Thanks.

I have it on a Columbia CD. It was one of the first CDs ever made. The
earlier editions (like mine) have only one band for the entire recording.
Grrrr. That's such a pain on the Goldbergs.

Later, it was reissued with multiple bands. But still on  a Columbia CD.

Your mileage may vary depending on what country you live in.

By the way, I have a copy of the "Concert Drop-out" recording on CD. It was
in a three-disc boxed set available through Columbia. I bought it at a
discount through Berkshire.

When I was visiting family, I mentioned that the interview took up 54
minutes of a CD. I was impressed. (Wow, that GG sure can talk...) But my
brother said, "That's such a rip-off. They can fit more than 70 minutes on
those CDs." Well, considering that the interview was recorded in 1968, it's
a little late to make it 70 minutes long!