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RE: GG Goldberg 81 Question

A few months back, I found a SONY GG Edition "import" (I can't remember from
where)containing the entire Salzburg '59 concert (other than some Bach
encores, which are tantalizingly mentioned in the liner notes, but were not
taped). So this concert does exist somewhere in SONY's discography.

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>In this same store in Montreal, I was able to pick up a copy of the 1959
>Salzburg live performance that Bradley mentioned in another post.  As a
>pianist myself, kind of nice to hear GG flub a few notes in the Goldbergs
>that performance...the guy's human!  Anyway, this *was* a Sony release.  Is
>this another one that's not available in the US?

Sony has released the Goldbergs from that 8/25/59 concert (and I assume it's
also available in the US...Amazon has it...Sony 52685) but it's coupled with
a live set of three-part Inventions from Moscow.

The rest of the Salzburg recital was pressed at least twice by
Frequenz/Memoria (1986, 1991) but still hasn't been back from Sony:

Sweelinck Fantasia
Schoenberg Suite Op 25
Mozart Sonata #10 in C, K 330

The suite and sonata of course duplicate studio repertoire from Columbia
(twice on the K 330), but are interpreted quite differently.

The notes in the GG Edition Byrd/Gibbons disc (released 6/29/93, including a
1964 CBC performance of the Sweelinck) say the Salzburg version is "due for
release at a later date".  That was almost seven years ago already....

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