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Re: GG Goldberg 81 Question

Daniel Baldwin wrote:

> A few months back, I found a SONY GG Edition "import" (I can't remember from
> where)containing the entire Salzburg '59 concert (other than some Bach
> encores, which are tantalizingly mentioned in the liner notes, but were not
> taped). So this concert does exist somewhere in SONY's discography.

The "authorized" Sony release of  Salzburg 59 live
(Sweelinck, Mozart, Schoenberg, Bach) is:

Sony Classical SMK 53474 ("Manufactured in Austria")

It was released about four or five years ago 
in an inter-label series of Salzburg Festival live recordings.
Perhaps, it has been availalble in Europe.

Eric Cline wrote:
> There is also some Beethoven and Brahms released on the Complete Jacket
> Edition. These are not currently available in the US. I did however purchase
> the Brahms intermezzi album in the Jacket format when I was in Vienna last
> summer. The others are available individually on the Amazon.com German site 
> http://www.amazon.de <http://www.amazon.de> 

The non-Bach albums "Original Jacket Collection" were released in Japan
and exported to Europe and South Korea.
As I posted a list of the collection a few years ago,
it included Brahms Intermezzi, Byrd/Gibbons, Schoenberg/Mozart Concertos,
Wagner Transcriptions, Beethoven Op.31, Bethoven The Last Three, etc., 
not to mention Bach (but no Invention, WTC, English Suites).
The project was so successful that Sony US decided to make 
the box-set of the Bach Collection.
As a matter of fact, I was involved in the "original" project in Japan:
I had meeting with Sony people which albums to be released,
translated some linernotes (I used to post a lot of questions to f_minor,
thank you!); I even handed some original LP's for
the cover photos, most of which Sony Tokyo did not own.

The Japanese Edition was a limited release,
so it is not available any more, but there still might be copies waiting
for you at the shelves in a big CD shop in cities.  If you go to
big cities in Japan, do visit CD shops (actually, there are
various classical and jazz discs only available in Japan).