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gg, britten, brandenberg(s)

alas, to my dismay, britten does not play the keyboards in any of the brandenberg concertos. when i got them i was really pissed off-- cause hes such a great keyboardist. last i saw the britten were available on a two disk budget set. they r really fantastic. if i had to choose a set i would choose them. britten is my favourite composer/conductor/performer......
gould's recording of the fifth is gould's recording of the fifth. if ur on this list ur should have it. it always seems to me that comparing gould's stuff to others in terms of best as oppesed to terms of favourite is comparing mark twain to william burroughs.
if ur interested in a lively and spunky set that doesn't bog down in bachian muck, check out the hogwood set. (also a two disk budget deal. its deffinately the most listenable.)
a couple private post scripts:
bill l.: that last email address i used is no longer valid. check me out here or get aolim or icq. sorry to have missed u for so long.
to the list in general: i'm still very dissapointed in sony's handeling of the realease of the series on cd. it seems profit motivated and very ungouldian. if u would like to discuss this and what to do please contact me privately.
ok. thats it.
later guys.

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