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Re: GG Goldberg 81 Question

It's a lie!!!

Glenn Gould didn't flub notes. They were, umm..., brave adventures into
alternate atonal

Don't make me come over and defend the poor man's honour! I'm sure he
would have had a perfectly rational explanation for it.

Honestly, what do you think he would have done if someone had called him
on that? Do you think his reality would have imploded? Scary.

P.s. Just finished listening/watching the Beethoven Cello and Piano
Sonato, #3 (op.69) in A. What a magnificant performance. Glenn and
Leonard Rose really hit it off together. Is it just me, or is the
Allegro Vivace just typical Gould? I'm also a huge fan of the Viola da
Gamba sonatas he released with Leonard Rose also (the sort of salmon
coloured double disk CBS recording), this gets my vote for the most
highly under-rated Gould work.

And they _weren't_ flubs. Just... experiments. Yeah, that's it.

Matthew "CD 318" Harding

Michael Arnowitt wrote:
> In this same store in Montreal, I was able to pick up a copy of the 1959
> Salzburg live performance that Bradley mentioned in another post.  As a
> pianist myself, kind of nice to hear GG flub a few notes in the Goldbergs in
> that performance...the guy's human! 
> Michael